Annual Hacienda Tour and Mercado

Friends of Mexican Art’s annual Hacienda Tour and Mercado is our organization’s most important fund-raiser of the year. Ticket holders for this special event will be treated to an intimate look at exceptional homes and the important collections their owners have amassed from a variety of countries around the world.

At the Mercado, dealers in Mexican and Latin American art have items for sale. A portion of the proceeds of the Mercado benefits Friends of Mexican Art and its goals. FOMA members and the general public are given the opportunity to learn and appreciate Mexican (and other) art more fully through the tour. The Mercado affords everyone the chance to begin or add to a collection of Mexican and/or Latin American art. The event allows the public to become more aware of FOMA and its mission, encourages new membership, and promotes friendship and goodwill toward our organization. Make the Hacienda Tour and Mercado part of your annual calendar!


The doors to four Arcadia and Sherwood Heights homes will be opened to the public as part of the Friends of Mexican Art’s HOME TOUR and MEXICAN MERCADO scheduled for Sunday, February 22, 2015, from 10 am to 4 pm.  Tickets for this event can be purchased after January 30, 2015, for $35.

Ticket holders for this special fund-raising event will be invited to experience homes that have historical importance and contain fascinating, eclectic art adorning all available surfaces.  What pulls these collections together is the homeowners’ love of the art works and their inventiveness in displaying it.  Come and surround yourself with creativity and discover the fun of collecting.

At the MERCADO, which will be held at one of the homes, dealers in Mexican and Latin American art will have items for sale.  A portion of the proceeds of the Mercado will also benefit Friends of Mexican Art and its goals.


Below are descriptions from homes featured on the 2014 tour:

•In this home, you will find one of the largest and finest Mexican pottery collections in the United States.  Mexican contemporary and Colonial oil paintings, Talavera, ex-votos, retablos, tourist pottery, and a large collection of vintage Monterey decorative furniture complete the collection.  The homeowner is well-known for his knowledge about all aspects of Mexican Art.

•Located near the Biltmore Resort, this Southwestern style home, is home to a practicing  physician, a professional artist, and their three young children.  There are a number of art collections including Spanish Colonial antiques, traditional Mexican folk art, Middle Eastern wall hangings, priest vestments from Mexico, contemporary artwork. and the children’s creations, These various collections of old and new art are beautifully mixed and displayed with an open and modern flair. The homeowner will be working in her studio during the tour and will be available to discuss her art.

•Built in 1937, this adobe home in the historic Del Norte Place neighborhood has a decidedly Mexican style.  The furnishings and artwork set the mood, but it is the Talavera tile in nearly every room - installed by the homeowner - that gives the home its true flavor. Unique to the Mexican character of the home is the cobalt blue AGA Cooker, the iconic English stove.  Outside, a Mexican fountain from Guadalajara, a pond, and a sunken spa turn the backyard into a hidden oasis with a south of the border feeling.

•The owners of this Willo home are fervent collectors; everywhere inside, and in the wrap-around backyard, there is something fascinating to look at! There are vintage decorative radiator covers sharing space with gold leafed screens and mirrors, doors and windows from India, and Chinese Foo Dogs. Botero posters and paintings as well as Botero-like murals adorn the walls along with a variety of artistic styles. Mexican alijibres, catrinas and decorative skulls surround the Russian bird cage.  There are collections of frogs, alligators and, especially, armadillos in every medium imaginable. BUT the cats are real!

•This Del Norte Place home features many interesting works by the homeowner’s late husband Michael Maglich.  These include the Arizona Mandala, commissioned by Arizona Highways, and made from 1” squares cut from the magazine, a Viet Namese pilot’s helmet decorated Huichol style, a kachina posing in a Le Corbuisier chair and a chandelier crafted from toy pieces and plumbing parts.  Other treasures are vintage Mexican beer trays, Colima burial dogs, Ocumecho ceramics, and a hallway decorated with crosses - some gathered from travels and some made by the homeowners from very unusual materials.  Creativity rules in this  home!

Tickets will be available after January 30 at the following retail stores:  Fiesta Furnishings (cash or check only at this location) ,15320 N. Hayden Rd., Scottsdale, 480-951-3239; Vision Gallery, 10 E. Chicago, Chandler, 480-782-2695; The Purple Lizard, 2827 N. 15th Ave., Phoenix, 602-728-0980; Arte de la Vida, 37 N. Tucson Blvd, Tucson, 520-297-6720 (cash or check only at this location), and Pearson & Company, 7022 E. Main, Scottsdale, 602-840-6447.

•Tickets are $35 each; tickets are a brochure with home descriptions and a map to guide visitors from home to home.

•On the day of the home tour, call 602-334-6585 for the location where tickets can be purchased directly.

•For more information call 602-334-6585 or go to the FOMA website:


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