Collectors Corner - Collectors Corner - December 2011
This month we feature the collection from FOMA members, Joe M. and Kent D. Their Casa is an absolute delight, packed full of color and imagination. The Photos you see in this month’s collection is only, but a snippet of what their lovely home holds. Upon entering, you are greeted with a lush Desert garden featuring charming garden art and a plethora of succulents. All of which is planted, potted and maintained by the homeowners themselves. This same passion continues inside. Unique hand-painted artisan touches and color choices in nearly every room. Every single piece in their home has been hand picked by both Joe and Kent. They both have the passion and the eye for creating a truly remarkable home packed solid with a collection of Folk Art, Indigenous Art and Fine Art from Mexico and the States, with a high concentration on Art and Wares from Artisans throughout Arizona and New Mexico.


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