The Aims and Purpose of FOMA


  • To make the Phoenix Art Museum and the City of Phoenix the center of the finest permanent collection of Mexican art in this country.
  • To sponsor exhibitions of all aspects of Mexican art and to bring to Phoenix Mexican artists and educators.
  • To strengthen cultural ties with Mexico, to promote friendship and goodwill between citizens of Arizona and Mexico and to increase our knowledge and understanding of our Mexican neighbor.
  • To purchase good Mexican art -painting, sculptures and graphics -for the Phoenix Art Museum and other public institutions.
  • To encourage the acquisition of Mexican paintings and sculptures of quality in Arizona homes and offices.
  • To collect the best books available on Mexican art for donation to the library of the Phoenix Art Museum, the Phoenix Public Libraries and the University Libraries in the area.
  • To offer slide lectures, exhibits and general information on Mexican art to schools, interested organizations, and individuals.
  • To hold regular membership meetings and to arrange study groups with qualified speakers and instructors on Mexican travel, crafts, design, and all phases of Mexican art from pre-Colombian times to present.
  • To foster general interest in Mexican art, language, culture, customs and heritage.


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